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SAINT 1002



“He made me feel mean. He made my mouth into the end of a barrel of a gun. He was dangerous. He hurt people I love. I just could not let him win.”


"Don't Swerve".

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Emchy aka Cindy Emch
"Don't Swerve"

​It’s the voice that hits you first. It’s big, a bit boisterous. It’s a voice that makes you grin, but it’s also sad and wise, and very observant. It’s a voice that stands you to a shot and a beer, kicks you out onto the dance floor despite your silly misgivings. It’s Cindy Emch’s voice - in every meaning of that word--that comes through on the pioneering queer-country singer and songwriter’s new album The Chaser. Recorded with her long-running band, The Secret Emchy Society, The Chaser gives Cindy’s funny, deep songs an equally big voice. It’s a record of exact portraiture, country style. Cindy Emch knows how human beings behave when they’re in bars, when they’re lonely, and when they’re in love. And when they’re out of love. The Chaser is the work of an original who looks beyond Saturday night, toward an eternal present. 

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